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Tampa Bay

The Product Network launches their FIRST episode on ION. This was a big day for inventors and their products as they were pitched into 42 million homes! The show started with special guest Toni Brattin featuring her popular line of faux hair pieces and self- tanners. The Card Cache, the first "cable wallet" followed Toni and then we introduced Blingitz. A brand new product presented by a local inventor. Sunflower towels were a new innovation that introduced "rotating drying" then the episode ended with the EYEPOD. A safer way to put in contacts, creating eye magic! The first episode was a success and the start of an exciting new media for inventors.



Wimpy Wasp Player

The Product Network is growing and growing ... by expanding to ION National Cable, the second episode airs into 98 million homes! We begin the episode with an all American made product Gutter Clutter Buster. Back by popular demand, The Card Cache makes an encore appearance. Then our very own Barbara Marville introduces us to her masterpiece... her own skin care collection. Frigemates appropriately end the hour. Invented by Paul Davis, co-founder of The Product Network; this product was the inspiration for the creation of the show. Tune in for more exciting episodes and brand new products!