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Roderick  Calhoun

Roderick Calhoun

The Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device The Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device is a concealed, catheter-like device that is worn under clothing and enables males to urinate in situations where a bathroom break is not possible. The Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device is similar to a jockey-strap and has an elastic cotton waistband (sized Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large), fitted with hip or buttocks straps that supports an under-crotch support similar to that offered by a pair of briefs. The male's penis is inserted into a soft molded rubber or plastic sheath, the end of which would open into a small-diameter, pliable plastic or rubber surgical tube. This outflow tube is equipped with a synthetic round-the-thigh strap fitted with Velcro closures, surgical rubber or plastic. The Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device could be worn on either leg. The upper end of the receptacle bag is fitted with a one-way release valve for emptying the accumulated contents. While the basic Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device is equipped with a 9-ounce collecting bag, the urine-collecting bag could be manufactured and sold in various capacities, depending upon the user's needs. The entire Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device system would be disposable or washable and reusable, depending again on the consumers preference. USERS INCLUDE: LAW ENFORCEMENT: ---> Situations where officers are transporting dangerous fugitives by air or land, where due to the danger, the officers must monitor the fugitives round the clock until they arrive at the facility. In many cases, both the officers and fugitives are prohibited from using restroom facilities and would utilize the Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device. ---> Emergencies where Homeland Security, swat teams, and police officers are called into action due to volatile dangerous situations, and restroom facilities are not available or convenient. ---> Other law enforcement officers such as detectives with special assignments i.e. surveillances, and sheriffs, bounty hunters who encounter the same problem. EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAMS: ---> Paramedics, firemen, and other emergency rescue response teams. MILITARY: ---> Members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and all arms of the military. TRUCK DRIVERS: ---> Long-haul drivers who must travel hundreds of miles per day, often have a need to urinate when there is no convenient restroom facility available. Some drivers utilize bottles, containers, or even bedpan-type receptacles to relieve themselves on the road. ---> Bus drivers, delivery drivers, limousine drivers and other couriers also need a way to address their need to urinate while on the road. PROFESSIONALS IN THE FIELD: ---> Archeologists, nonprofit workers and volunteers helping in other countries such as UNICEF, Red Cross, the PEACE Corps, etc. PROSTRATE PROBLEMS OR AGING SENIORS: ---> Men with prostrate problems or aging seniors, often have the constant need to urinate, or suffer urinary incontinence. Many, including wheelchair bound people, use incontinence diapers or their only alternative might be a catheter and its attendant of complications. SPORTS RELATED: ---> Many sports such as hunting, mountain climbers, hikers, joggers, park rangers, etc. Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device Features and Benefits: It's discreet because it's concealed. It's convenient. Made of durable materials. It's disposable or washable to reuse. Easy to use. It's sealed tight, with no leaking. Handles an otherwise messy process. Applicable to a wide variety of users. Allows men to focus on their jobs without the discomfort of having to restrain their urinary needs. The basic version collects up to 9 ounces of urine. Easy to dispose of the urine once a restroom facility is available. Note: The Gota'go will also come in a Disposable Version that is detachable at the waist area for easy access without having to completely remove the shoes or pants. Official Web Site: TESTIMONIAL "I'm an investigator with a major retail department store. I was skeptical about the comfort, I ordered the Gota' Go anyway and boy was I pleased I did. No more long surveillances with mayonaise jars and milk containers! Why didn't someone figure this out years ago?" Robert T.- Minneapolis Target market: This product has a broad demographic appeal that could be sold through several different markets. See "Users Include" section above.
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