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vince taylor

vince taylor

Hello to all... Its an exciting time to be involveled in NEW IDEAS. IAM SETTING UP THE STEPS TO BE ONE OF THE MANY SUCCESS STORIES ON THIS SIGHT.. IVE, POSTED ON (FACE BOOK )AND ('YOU TUBE). ( VINCE TAYLOR 'SMART GRIPS ' ) BEING A SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL BODYBUILDER ( I.F.B.B.) FOR OVER 15YRS. I HAVE A GAME CHANGING SET OF TRAINING HANDLES / GRIPS. I INVENTED ALONG WITH AN EXERCISING PROGRAM-- FOR ALL AGES !! IN-VINCE-ABLE JRP + GRIPS. here how you guys can help, iam looking for great ideas for any one , that can help offer infomation on investors, manufacturing contacts.. if you have any info that will help.( ) (facebook vince taylor).. and of course here ...Awesome site!! Good Luck to all you guys VINCE TAYLOR 5 X MR OLYMPIA. 1999-2000 GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS ..MOST PROFESSIONAL CONTEST WINS IN HISTORY...

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