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Barbara Marville

Barbara Marville

What a whirlwind of a February, celebrating Valentines day in gratitude for my loved ones, the birthdays of my sons, and the national launch of The Product Network Show, which I am so thrilled to be hosting. I would like to send a HUGE shout out of thanks to all of the "positive" and "supportive" people and their vote of confidence in our efforts to help Inventors to market their products affordably with an experienced team of Professionals on TPN and now on ION, as we will be going into even more homes, on March 18,2011, at 7:30 a:m. It is never too early to inquire for future shows, including seasonal, and holiday shows. See you soon on The Product Network.
Herb Gross

Herb Gross

Shooting visuals for a TV and Internet show entitled Rock Till Ya Drop. The show follows the band known as The Invictas to major events. We promote the event, interview band members and talk with others who are following their passion and dreams. The show reminds everyone that life is short so you need to Rock Till Ya Drop.
Lou Captuo

Lou Captuo

I'll be on HSN Sunday, December 5th selling the Heat Surge Amish fireplaces at 9AM and 3PM. Please join me and add some fire to your life!

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