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My wife and I live in central Florida and like many others in this temperate state, we have a beautiful outside courtyard patio and tropical garden. In addition to our ground plants, we have grown many of our favorite plants in pots. We are self-employed and love to come home at the end of long and stressful days to enjoy peaceful evenings together outside.
One day as my wife and I were sitting in the courtyard enjoying the cooler evening hour, I looked around at all the trunks of the palms and oaks around the perimeter and said to my wife, “Wouldn’t it be nice if all that bountiful color we have on the ground could be up high on the side of our trees where we could see and enjoy it?” She looked at me with that familiar expression that says, “Now what are you dreaming of?”
You see, my wife is married to an inventor; not someone who thinks about creating something now and then, but an inveterate tinkerer, who tries to create something new each and everyday. She knew the wheels were turning and cautiously asked what I was envisioning for our garden. I told her that I had an idea of how to get our planters off the patio and up on the trunks of the trees around us where we could enjoy them even more. Naturally, she asked why we would want to do that. For aesthetics and practicality, I explained. I told her that my vision had the dual purpose of enhancing the beauty of our vista from the courtyard and eliminating the daily chore of moving the potted plants when sweeping the leaves off the patio. She rolled her eyes and shook her head, but I knew she would like the idea once she could actually see it. I went to my workshop that evening to begin construction.
Now it is five years later and a lot of hard work has rewarded us with my invention, which I named “Tree Hugger”. This Tree Hugger is not an environmentalist, but a device that has transformed our garden into a relaxing sanctuary. In fact, you might say my new tree hugging device has invaded our yard, however, it is a welcome invasion. After several years of changing the design and adding innovative functions, I have created a plant hanging system that can change shape and size, depending on the configuration of the particular tree. Simple in concept, the Tree Hugger shape is an abstract looking coil. The Tree Hugger adapts to a tree without the need of using tools. Once it is wrapped around the tree, a single Tree Hugger can hold four plants and a solar light, or a combination of bird baths, bird feeders and ornamental garden décor. (My next innovation to go on the Tree Hugger is a custom humming bird feeder and waterfall.) We use two tree huggers on some of our trees to transform their trunks into virtual vertical gardens.
Although the original concept was for personal enjoyment, Tree Hugger has gone to work. The Environmental Enhancement Board of our city has plans to incorporate the Tree Hugger into their city beautification plans. The local zoo is using them to hold feeding dishes for animals.
In retrospect, maybe the Tree Hugger is an environmentalist after all. I place it on a tree in seconds without any tools, nails, or screws and I can move them around the yard effortlessly as the seasons and light conditions dictate, without harming my trees or my plants. They have provided us with years of enjoyment and the animals seem to be taking to them as well.
Our yard has become a paradise and my wife is no longer giving me that look. I know I am biased, but I think I have the objective proof. When visitors drop by, they always pause at the courtyard entrance and smile with a look of …, well, blissful wonder is how I would describe it
I must admit it is truly rewording seeing other people enjoy something that started only as a thought and a dream.
The Innovative gardener,

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