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About me
CAROL PATTERSON has been a well known name on Seventh Avenue for over 30 years. Before starting her own company, her design accomplishments included working for famous brand houses such as Hero Group, Oleg Cassini Jeans, Bill Blass Activewear, Rafaella Sportswear, Rafaella Sport, Dakota Sportswear, Stampede Jeans, and Melissa Knits by Carol Patterson for Jerell of Dallas, Texas…just to name a few. If you know any of these brands, you already know her clothes.

Carol brought her designer clothing collection “CAROL PATTERSON KNITS” to Home Shopping Network, The Shopping Channel in Canada, and Jupiter Shop Channel in Japan. She travelled around the world seeking production, inspiration, and ideas to make each and every collection different and exciting. Her travels took her around the world more than 300 times building businesses and offices in Hong Kong and mainland China.

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United States


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Drexel University, Walden University
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1971, Present

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Carol Patterson
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