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As a Television Host, of 15 years for The Home Shopping Network, I am now thrilled to be part of The Product Network, as their Anchor Host and look forward to engaging Inventors and Consumers alike.
Things are really "buzzing" about our shopping network on line.
We have fun things planned, expected and unexpected, as a brand new start up network. You never know just "WHO" may be showing up on our shows.
Yes, I said "shows".
We will be able to do live broadcasting, remote broadcasting, and of course "live to tape"
We can't do it without you, so get involved. Get ready for our "launch party special promos", and "introductory specials" to get this off the ground, and continue to build a "Strong America" together!
I am thrilled to be able to have a platform for the products and coaching services we offer. You can see how easy it is to promote your ideas!!!

Feel free to join up, and become part of our free social network, and connect with other "like minded" people.
Have ideas for the network, tell us about them.
Hope to see you soon, oh, and watch for new videos, and maybe even some "bloopers!"
About me
Well, "I love my life!" I love my family and friends, do what I love, and love what I do.

I truly believe living in appreciation, gratefullness, and from my heart, and "pay it forward"

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Tarpon Springs
United States


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connect the dots


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Barbara Marville
Barbara Marville
What a whirlwind of a February, celebrating Valentines day in gratitude for my loved ones, the birthdays of my sons, and the national launch of The Product Network Show, which I am so thrilled to be hosting. I would like to send a HUGE shout out of thanks to all of the "positive" and "supportive" people and their vote of confidence in our efforts to help Inventors to market their products affordably with an experienced team of Professionals on TPN and now on ION, as we will be going into even more homes, on March 18,2011, at 7:30 a:m. It is never too early to inquire for future shows, including seasonal, and holiday shows. See you soon on The Product Network.
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  • Wednesday, 15 September 2010 14:41
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