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FrigematesThe Cool Way to Organize

Product Description

Getting organized is easy with FrigeMates FrigeMates is an organizer made to reduce clutter and maximize space on your refrigerator, and can also be used in offices, schools, and other locations. A precisely designed modular plastic unit that fits any style of refrigerator, the FrigeMate is a product that can match the color of any refrigerator: white, black, bisque, and stainless steel grey. The two unit styles can be used independently or as a set.

Obstacles That Were Faced

Time and money... inventing takes a lot of time, money and PATIENCE!!

Inventors Goals

Get into stores nationwide.

Inventors Advice

You must have patience.


About The Inventor

Name: C Paul Davis

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Posted 30-07-2011 12:00:49 by C Paul Davis