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Barbara Marville Signature Collection

Product Description

Welcome to the "Barbara Marville Signature Collection", where "I believe that health and beauty begins from within and lands on the skin!" This collection has been co-created by myself, and created by Cindy Rager, Spa Owner, Medical Aesthetician, with a vast 25 years experience in the beauty industry working with board certified Dermatologists, and Plastic Surgeons, creating skin care for burn victims, with her work being published in medical journals and textbooks, and her being in the video version of best selling book: Color Me Beautiful! Cindy and I hand selected this collection for simplified, affordable, and safe skin care, taking all the guess work out for YOU

Obstacles That Were Faced

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Never, ever, ever give up ! Remember to follow your dream, your "AHA MOMENT", visualize it happening! "What you think about you bring about!" Good luck! Many Blessings to you !


For many years of presenting products on a national home shopping channel, for over 15 years, women have shared with me what they want in health, beauty, fashion, etc. Having a great skin care line, by taking the "guess work" out, just sounded like a winner. I love new beginnings, fresh innovative ideas, and especially from what I have learned about women, is "WE WANT IT ALL AND WE WANT IT NOW!" Thanks to Cindy, and her vote of confidence in the collection, we are able to give to you ladies. ALL OF IT, NOW! Healthy, effective, intensive, powerful, organic, preservative safe, simple, easy to use, AFFORDABLE skin care and mineral makeup, NOW ! NO HARSH CHEMICALS, NO PARABENS, MINERAL OILS, HARMFUL PRESERVATIVES, ARTIFICIAL COLORING, NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS, SAFE, SAFE, SAFE, FOR ALL SKIN TYPES, INCLUDING THOSE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN, AND MEN For years I have thought about having my own personally created products. In fact, I purchased a large beauty tray, with pictures of women & celebrities on the outer brim, imagining a tray of health & beauty products, had no idea how this was going to happen. I thought about it and prayed about how I can "make a difference" in this world, and where do I go next in my professional career, combining the two. Well, "VOILA", thanks to Cindy, we pulled it together and the collection was born!

About The Inventor

Name: Barbara Marville

What a whirlwind of a February, celebrating Valentines day in gratitude for my loved ones, the birthdays of my sons, and the national launch

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Posted 02-04-2011 12:34:45 by Barbara Marville