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The Card Cache

Product Description

Organizing the contents of a woman's wallet and purse has never been easier. The Card Cache keeps everything contained and easily accessible in a stylish way.

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There's always another way to do something. We are all unique and their is no one "right" way for all people. We are a wonderful world of thinkers, share your ideas, they are for someone.


The product was inspired from my own overstuffed wallet. Although I was organized, things weren't readily accessible. The traditional wallet wasn't functional for me so I came up with something that was. Women took notice of the product when I used it and began opening their purses and wallets to me while sharing their frustrations about not being able to find what they needed when they needed it. Women began to ask where they could get one like mine and a business was born.

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Name: Stephanie Navarro

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Posted 24-03-2011 08:24:21 by Stephanie Navarro