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Ez Glide Hangers

Product Description

EZ Glide Hangers for sweaters are unique, one of a kind, hangers with a sliding arm that makes hanging turtlenecks, sweaters, and hoodies easier than ever before without stretching or pulling the neck. Eliminate the frustration of loading ordinary hangers up through the bottom, that can snag or rip your clothing, when EZ Glide Hangers for sweaters load and unload into the neck in seconds. Plus, best of all, they're designed with wider arm tips that eliminate ugly shoulder bumps. EZ Glide Hangers for pants are fast and easy to use. They have a snug clamping system designed to prevent pants or slacks from sliding off the hanger and onto the floor. Eliminates creases in the leg area of pants and slacks. After pants are locked into place, EZ Glide Hangers for pants are strong and sturdy enough to add a button up shirt and suit jacket too. Made in the U.S.A. Patented products

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Posted 22-09-2010 08:54:26 by JBonner