Big Ideas, Big Heart

Saturday, 03 July 2010 21:58


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Paul Davis

The Inpex show that was held on June 16th and 17th outside of Pittsburg, Pa. was promoted as the biggest inventors show in the country. The show had over 500 exhibits from the United States and many foreign countries. I had never been to a show of this magnitude and was excited to display my product, Frigemates. When I finally had a chance to walk through the convention center, I was impressed with the diversity of inventions and the excitement of the inventors on displaying their products and sharing their stories on why and how they were living their dream of being an inventor. I witnessed some big ideas, but what impressed the most was the passion and excitement of the inventors to share their successes and challenges to develop their product and hopefully get it to market. Everybody hopes they have the next million dollar idea, but reality is a small few will achieve that level, I talked to one inventor and he shared that his goal was to sell his product to make a life. As I thought about his comments, I realized that he spoke from the heart and was not focused on big ideas mean big money