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Coolest Masks

Lightest, most comfortable mask ever. Mask can FULLY depict any character, real or fictional, including their EYES. No eyelets need to be cut out. THE CHARACTER EYES ARE IN THE MASK! Visibility is enhanced. User can breath better. Speaking abil....

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Candle Roses

Candle RosesTM were created for those who love flowers but dislike the fact that they don't last. For those who have allergies and cannot be given flowers, they can get unscented in our bouquets!

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FrigematesThe Cool Way to Organize

Getting organized is easy with FrigeMates FrigeMates is an organizer made to reduce clutter and maximize space on your refrigerator, and can also be used in offices, schools, and other locations. A precisely designed modular plastic unit that fits any s....

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Barbara Marville Signature Collection

Welcome to the "Barbara Marville Signature Collection", where "I believe that health and beauty begins from within and lands on the skin!" This collection has been co-created by myself, and created by Cindy Rager, Spa Owner, Medical Aesthetician, with a....

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The Card Cache

Organizing the contents of a woman's wallet and purse has never been easier. The Card Cache keeps everything contained and easily accessible in a stylish way.

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Gutter Clutter Buster

A cleaner, easier, faster, and safer method of vacuuming out rain gutters from the ground and Made in USA. Lightweight, durable, & affordable. Save money the first time it's used.

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Gotago Personal Care Device

The Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device is a concealed, catheter-like device that is worn under clothing and enables males to urinate in situations where a bathroom break is not possible. The Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device is similar to a jockey-strap and h....

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Gutter Clutter Buster A cleaner, easier, faster, and safer met...

The Card Cache Organizing the contents of a woman's wal...

FrigematesThe Cool Way to Organize Getting organized is easy with FrigeMate...

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What is TPN?

The Product Network is the FIRST test market network created for YOU the inventor. TPN is a social networking site leveraged with a national TV show to allow inventors to "test market" their products. Even the beginner inventor can take advantage of the product resources and connections available on the site to pursue product development. From Mind to Market... The Product Network helps you to develop your idea, create it, then MARKET it. The Product Network is a unique site that gives every inspiring inventor the chance that they deserve. Get to know us by joining the site for FREE (do not purchase a membership until you understand the site) Depending on your goals and ambitions for your product here are some options:

1.) Purchase a membership so that you can begin marketing your product through the website.

Full membership also allows you the ability to upload your product video that introduces your product to the consumer and product demonstration. You will also get the back-end exposure from the TV show.

2.) Buy airtime on our NATIONAL Cable Show.

Our show airs weekly on ION Networks into 98 million homes. This allows the inventor to be able to test market their product on a national level and see where they should go next...BEFORE spending thousands and thousands of dollars. With TPN's consulting team, we can help you figure out what the next best step is for you.

We are not a shopping channel... we are a MARKETING network. This network was created for YOU the inventor to help build and market YOUR brand as you become a successful entrepreneur!

Become a member of The Product Network today, where Inventors and Consumers unite!

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